2016 IROS Workshop on

“Microrobots for next generation biomedical allications”

Time : 8:30 ~ 18:30, Date : October 10, 2016, Room : 112

1. Target audience

Using micro-/nanorobots for medical applications, biology, and industry raises new scientific
challengers, which represent important milestones for future reserach directions. This workshop
presents a significant opportunity for reserachers interested in micro-/nanorobots and their next
generation biomedical applications.

2. Objectives

Micro-/nanorobots have attracted substantial interest from academic, industrial, and biomedical
communities with multidisciplinary research capabilities. In recent years, rapid growth has been
made in the field of remotely actuated micro-/nanorobotic systems because if significant
development in micro-/nanofabrication technology and magnetic control systems. Currently, many
high-impact biomedical applications are being developed for next generation microrobots. Micro-
/nanorobotic systems are expected to provide revolutionary advances in medicine, biology,
environment, and other areas because of many unique funtionalities of micro-/nanorobots. The
goal of this workshop on “Microrobots for next generation biomedical applications” is to bring
together world-leading scholars with multidisciplinary interests into a forum in order to
communicate state-of-the-art research and advances in the fabrication, control, and medical
imaging of remotely actuated micro-/nanorobotic systems. Cutting edge technologies and major
challengers in the biomedical application of micro-/nanorobotic systems will be presented,
including limitations, requirements, and future research directions. This workshop will be of
interest for academic, industrial, and biomedical commuinities to learn about and discuss recent
research results, new challengers, and promising future applications. This one day workshop will
be a wonderful event for collecting and domonstrating the latest progress of this emerging but
fast growing field, and to stimulate future R&D in micro-/nanorobotics.

3. Topics of interest
  • Microrobot fabrication
  • Micro-/nanorobotics platform
  • Biomimetic micro-/nanorobotics
  • Micro-/Nanorobotic manipulation
  • Swarm control of micro-/nanorobots
  • Swimming micro-/nanorobots
  • Biomedical applcations using micro-/nanorobots
  • Medical imaging for micro-/nanorobots
  • Magnetic contorl system for micro-/nanorobots
4. Speakers
Prof. Hongsoo Choi

Department of Robotics Engineering, DGIST (Daugu Gyeongbuk insitute of Science & Technology), Korea

DGIST-ETH Micorobotics Research Center, DGIST, KOREA
E-mail | mems@dgist.ac.kr
Phone | +82-53-785-6212/6800

Prof. Brad Nelson

Department of robotics and Intelligent systems, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

DGIST-ETH Micorobotics Research Center, DGIST
E-mail | bnelson@ethz.ch
Phone | +41-44-632-55-29

Prof. Li Zhang

Department of Medical and Automation Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong,China

E-mail | lizhang@mae.cuhk.edu.hk
Phone | +852-3943-1150


Jin-young, Ph.D
E-mail | jy.kim@dgist.ac.kr
Office | +82-53-785-6804

Hyun-Joo Park, Ms
E-mail | phjda26@dgist.ac.kr
Office | +82-53-785-6801

For your convenience, please download and print the workshop program on both sides of the paper. Then fold it along the dotted line.