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EBS 과학다큐 “비욘드” 방송

EBS 과학다큐 “비욘드” 부제: 로봇, 사람 몸속으로 들어가다. 2017년 8월 31일, DGIST-ETH 마이크로로봇 연구센터 및 최홍수 교수님 연구실에서 촬영 된 내용이 방송 되었습니다. 방송 다시보기:…

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49. Hyejin Jeon, Jongmoon Jang, Sangwon Kim, and Hongsoo Choi, “Characterization of a piezoelectric AlN beam array in air and fluid for an artificial basilar membrane” Electronic Materials Letters, Accepted, 2017. (IF= 1.790 in 2017)
48. Wonjun Lee, Seungjun Yoo, Joontaek Jung, Woojin Kang, Wei Wang, Cheil Moon, and Hongsoo ChoiAll-in-one low-intensity pulsed ultrasound stimulation system using piezoelectric micromachined ultrasonic transducer (pMUT) arrays for targeted cell stimulation” Biomedical Microdevices, accepted, 2017. (IF= 2.062 in 2017)
47. Myeongjin Hong, Leesun Ryu, Maria C. Ow, Jinmahn Kim, A Reum Je, Satya Chinta, Yang Hoon Huh, Kea Joo Lee, Rebecca A. Butcher, Hongsoo Choi, Piali Sengupta, Sarah E. Hall, and Kyuhyung Kim, “Early pheromone experience modifies a synaptic activity to influence adult pheromone-responses of C. elegans” Current Biology, Aug, 2017. (IF= 8.983 in 2015)
46. Joontaek Jung, Wonjun Lee, Woojin Kang, EunJung Shin, Jungho Ryu, and Hongsoo Choi,Review of Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers and Their Applications” Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, accepted, 2017. (IF= 1.768 in 2015)
45. Jongmoon Jang, Jeong Hun Jang, and Hongsoo Choi, “Biomimetic artificial basilar membranes for next-generation cochlear implants” Advanced Healthcare Materials, accepted, 2017. (IF= 5.760 in 2014)
44. Jongmoon Jang, Jeong Hun Jang, and Hongsoo Choi, “MEMS flexible artificial basilar membrane fabricated from piezoelectric aluminum nitride on an SU-8 substrate” Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, Vol. 27, No. 7, 075006 (10pp), Jun. 2017. (IF= 1.768 in 2015)
43. Joontaek Jung, Venkateswarlu Annapureddy, Geon-Tae Hwang, Youngsup Song, Wonjun Lee, Woojin Kang, Jungho Ryu, and Hongsoo Choi, “31-mode piezoelectric micromachined ultrasonic transducer with PZT thick film by granule spraying in vacuum process” Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 110, 212903 (5pp), May 2017. (IF= 3.412 in 2015)
42. Jae-Jin Song, Kyungsoo Kim, Woongsang Sunwoo, Griet Mertens, Paul Van de Heyning, Dirk De Ridder, Sven Vanneste, Sang-Youp Lee, Kyung-Joon Park, Hongsoo Choi and Ji-Woong Choi, “A Quantitative Electroencephalography Study on Cochlear Implant-Induced Cortical Changes in Single-Sided Deafness with Tinnitus” Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, Vol. 11, Article 210 (10pp), May 2017. (IF= 3.634 in 2015)
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